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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Suffer Acne Scars?... Lemon Juice, a Miracle Revealed! by Alejandro Bustos

If you are already tired of all acne scars and do not want to know anything more about acne products or acne treatments that do not have served for anything, it's time to start testing a natural cure that you can do at home Are you ready to reveal the great secret... LEMON JUICE. A good treatment with lemon juice can destroy all acne scars, it can be use for 1 day, or 2 weeks, or 3 months, depending on the seriousness of the acne problem, in my particular case, it ran pretty fast, and believe me, my acne problem was quite serious, but in a matter of 2 weeks my face was clear. Now, why the lemon juice? Simple... The lemon juice contains acid which stimulates the growth of new cells to replace dead skin; it stinks a little bit, but you can use it at bedtime in the affected area, there are people who even use it to treat acne but you have to be very careful with it. To deal with acne scars is very simple; first you wash your face with warm water, and then apply with a cotton ball a few drops of lemon juice and gently rub it on the scars, leave for about 10 minutes and then wash it all with soap and water. Most importantly, remember that the lemon juice can stain the skin, which is why we recommended that if you go out in the sun after having applied the treatment, use some sort of sunscreen to prevent stains.
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expert author said...

I can vouch for the lemon juice remedy. It does totally work. The only thing you need to beware of is if you have dry or tanned skin, it can temporarily bleach your skins appearance, making it lighter in spots.

Again, this is temporary and the conditioning effect that the lemon has far outweighs the discoloration.