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Friday, December 14, 2007

What Is LASIK Laser Surgery?

In the last decade there have been advancements in the medical field of vision corrective surgery, also known as LASIK laser eye surgery.

Upon discovery of refractive errors within the cornea these can be corrected with the use of lasers in LASIK surgery.The laser is used for reshaping & changing the focus of the cornea, this makes lasik surgery a relatively simple 2 step procedure:

Firstly a very thin layer of tissue (or flap) is created on the outside surface of the eye or cornea, this flap aids in the recovery & provides more comfort after the surgery.

The surgeon then proceeds to open the flap on the inner cornea & begins to correct the vision, the flap of tissue is then folded back into placed and secured with very small stitches.

The word LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Sutu Keratomieusis which is a process that will reshape the cornea to refract light better in the lens of the eye. Although LASIK surgery isn't perfect it is a very safe surgical procedure.

Major improvements have been made by the government with regards to the regulations of LASERS which can be used when performing LASIK surgery. If you are considering having LASER EYE SURGERY it would be recommended to research the types of lasers used during the eye surgery.

As technology progresses the costs of lasik eye surgery continues to drop, this makes it a possibility for more people to enjoy the benefits of surgery. Some surgeries are also referred to as BLADELESS or CUSTOM LASIK, these types of eye surgery are more efficient and are more tailored to the individuals needs.

Find out what LASIK Surgery is all about.

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